Jamaica attracts travelers from all over the world, and within its borders, a growing trend has locals leaning toward purchasing brand-name imported used Japanese cars. This increase in interest is driven by rising income levels and the country's improved economic prospects.

Renowned for their stylish designs, affordability and reliable performance, Japanese used cars have become highly coveted among Jamaican consumers. Consequently, the influx of second-hand Japanese vehicles into Jamaica continues to increase steadily each year.

Now, let's llok some of the best-selling used cars available in Jamaica.

The Toyota Yaris sedan stands out as the most famous and sought after Japanese sedan in Jamaica. Its popularity is unparalleled, particularly among small Jamaican and Caribbean families looking for an attractive and reliable vehicle. The Yaris has captured the hearts of many local consumers, who highly value its exceptional features and performance.

The third generation of the Toyota Voxy, showing its commitment to innovation. This versatile vehicle has the capacity to comfortably accommodate up to eight passengers. Now in its third version, the Voxy features front- and rear-wheel drive configurations, offering drivers greater flexibility and control on the road.

The Toyota Corolla Fielder Wagon, like its counterpart the Corolla Axio, features five doors and is known for its remarkable reliability, fuel efficiency and impressive engine performance.

Its spacious and attractive interior is a standout feature that catches the attention of potential customers. Additionally, the Corolla Fielder comes equipped with a variety of standard safety features, including airbags, traction control, lane assist and anti-lock brakes, enhancing its appeal as a safe and reliable option for drivers. Overall, the Toyota Fielder represents a reliable option across the board.

The Honda Fit Hybrid, introduced alongside the second generation of the Honda Fit, comes as a five-door hatchback packed with a host of impressive features. These include SRS airbags, side airbags, brake assist, an anti-lock braking system and more, ensuring a safe and comfortable driving experience. In addition, it incorporates electronic brake force distribution for greater control on the road.

The Nissan Note, this hatchback features an elegant and futuristic exterior design that captivates attention. Recognized in Jamaica for its attractiveness, the Nissan Note continues to be constantly sought after by the local population. With its urban design, the Note is perfectly suited to urban driving and comfortably accommodates small families of up to five people.