Choosing the car you have always dreamed of is an exciting experience, and here we will help you find it. Choosing a car (especially in Jamaica) is a very important decision.

When selecting the car for you, you must have your priorities in order. In this article, we will look at some of the priorities that will serve you in the process of selecting your car. This is the recommended process when choosing the right car for you:

Step 1: Make sure what you need

The "right car" for you will depend on your personal wishes and what you expect from a car. There are various reasons why buyers choose a car, for example, some of them want to show their status with a luxury car, others just want to feel more connected to the environment and go for hybrids.

Step 2. Here are some considerations to keep in mind:

1- The number of passengers you will carry in the vehicle?
2- How often will you use the vehicle as well as its mileage and fuel consumption?
3- What is the fuel consumption capacity of the car?
4- What will you use the car for? For example, for the family, in the field, off-road, the company, etc.
5- Are security features important?
6- Is the brand and the reputation of the model important to you?
7- Are features like power steering, GPS or sunroof important?
8- Do you have good maintenance service? Are spare parts available in the country?

Step 3: What budget do you have?

Unless you have saved a lot of money, otherwise you will have to ask for financing. It is recommended that you take into account the monthly expenses of the car: interest payments, car insurance, fuel consumption, general maintenance, repair shops. It is advisable to set aside 15% of your monthly salary.

Step 4: Check the car yourself and give it a spin

It is important to test the car for yourself before buying it. You can make an appointment with the seller on our website. We recommend that you look at other car models from the same seller to find the best model for you.

Step 5: Review your research and make your decision

You should not rush into choosing. Your emotions will play an important role when making a choice. Don't get carried away by your feelings. Take into account the practical things and also the fun factor. That way you will have a car that you like.