Driving gives us incredible freedom. However, we must not overlook the risks that this implies. When people are negligent, they can cause accidents. You should always be careful when driving and be kind to other drivers and pedestrians as well. Here are some factors that can cause accidents.

Driving distractedly

Anything that takes your attention away from the road is dangerous, such as talking, eating, adjusting the radio or using the telephone. Now, with the use of smartphones, distracted driving has reached a high level of distraction. Things like texting, Internet, surfing, or taking selfies while driving have proven to be a great danger to many drivers.


Driving at excess speed endangers the life of the driver and also of the people who travel on the road. It has been a cause in car accidents. The increase in incidents caused by speeding and driving over speed limits is a concern in all countries. Speeding can cause you to lose control of the vehicle.

Driving without wearing a seat belt

Wearing a seat belt can reduce injuries. This is known around the world. However, many forget to put it on, many turn a deaf ear, about when they are inside the city. The seat belt is designed to keep you safe in the vehicle in case of accidents.

Drowsy driving

Driving when you're tired, sleepy, or on medication is like driving while intoxicated: this is because reaction time is slower, alertness and decision-making decrease.

Driving angry on highway

When you drive, responsibility and patience must go hand in hand. Heavy traffic, angry drivers, searching for parking, or even waiting for passengers can test your patience. Quick misbehavior can put you and others in danger. Remember that you should not drive furiously as on the road you have to keep your emotions under control.