If you are planning to rent a car in Jamaica while enjoying its natural landscapes then you should keep in mind these tips.

  1. Book online from home. Don’t until arrive to Jamaica to rent a car. It will be more affordable booking online before to get there, as you could take advance of discounted prices.
  2. An international driver license is not mandatory. Your current driver license issued by your government will be enough to rent a car up to for three months.
  3. The driver seat is placed on the right in some cars. Jamaica is one of a few countries in the region where people drive on the right. Though there are also cars to drive on the left side.
  4. Pay the car renting in Jamaican dolar instead. They also will accept ametican dolars, but doing this way can result in conversion lost.
  5. You also will find automatic transmission so that you have to worry about driving with a gearshift if not used to it. Most of the renting agencies offer vehicles with automatic transmission in a lot of models.
  6. Check if your card issuer have coverage in Jamaica and if it has sufficient funds. Before leaving to Jamaica make sure to contact your card issuer in order to avoid chargeback, reversals or payment related issues. So if you are in doubt make sure to contact them because is better safe than sorry.
  7. Thouroghly check the car before taking it out to your trip. Make sure to protect yourself from false claims related to scratches, dings, bumps, dents, scuffs, etc. and document. Use your smartphone to take some photos in front, back and both sides and also check other possible imperfections. This will prevent you from paying it when you return.
  8. Don’t go so far in your trip. Take into account the cell phone signal in not available in remote locations, so keep always a map on hands or use your cell phone to save an offline map, so that you wont get lost.
  9. Mostly of road are rough. Due the poorly maintained highway in Jamaica you will notice a bunch of potholes, unpaved, dusty and damaged roads.